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Post by Admin on April 23rd 2008, 1:19 am

Hi & Welcome 498282 Welcome 498282 to the UK Pygmy Hedgehog Forum

You will need to register to be able to access the board and post, inside we have wide range of section that include everything hog
related, other animals and off topic chat. It is always exciting to look for and acquire a new pet especially something that’s a little unusual and different!!

At Pygmy Hedgehogs UK, due to concerns over the recent media coverage and the inaccuracy in the reporting, we are strongly urging potential owners to do their research thoroughly beforehand to ensure that you buy from a reputable source to ensure that you acquire the healthiest and happiest hedgies and that you can provide the very best care for you new addition. APH are a relatively robust
species if cared for correctly but they do require a lot of commitment from their owners to remain friendly and well socialised.

This forum is a friendly and open forum with lots of helpful information and has
a varied user group from potential new hedgehog owners to experienced owners and breeders to help answer your questions and provide valuable insight into the world of owning APH.

This forum supports the use of the UK APH registry, which we feel is an important asset to record lineage and health details of hedgehogs within the UK and has a recommended breeders list who have
to breed to the generically agreed ‘code of ethics’ We highly recommend that potential new owners look for a hedgie that is registered to the UK APH register and the registry is also open to any hedgie who’s owners would like to register them irregardless of background.

so come join up and don't forget to post an introduction Welcome 18419


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